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Steuer vs. Steuer

In German, there’s das Steuer and die Steuer and they are very, very different things.

Das Steuer (plural: die Steuer) is a general term for “steering device”. It’s mainly used for cars, ships and in a figurative sense for a company.

Die Steuer (plural: die Steuern) on the other hand is the German word for something no one likes – the tax.

Seems unrelated at first, but there actually is a connection. Because Steuern are not only a means for the state to get money. They’re also used to “steer” society. Just think of a tobbacco tax, or a tax incentive.

Die Steuer is definitely the more important of the two words but the connection to steering may help memorize it.

If you want to read more about this and see some examples, check out this article on YourDailyGerman:

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