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Go Premium

As a premium member, you’ll have 24/7 access and you can dig as much as you want.
And you can save nuggets you like, and build your own archive over time.

More features coming.

(see the Q&A below for details).

The Premium membership is for life, so you pay once and never again, even if more and more features and nuggets are added. So it’s quite the bargain right now 🙂


Lifetime membership with unlimited access to all nuggets and premium features.



What are the premium features?

Here’s an overview over the premium features, current and upcoming:

  • Dig as many nuggets as you like (already active)
  • save nuggets as favorites and review them whenever you want (already active)
  • daily nugget per mail to your inbox (my favorite feature… I hope to get this done soon)
  • discuss nuggets in the comments (coming soon)
  • no repetitions (coming soon)
  • exclude categories from digging (planned)
  • Your ideas (just hit me up and let me know what you’d find interesting)



How many nuggets are there?

So far, there are about 75 nuggets but there’s a lot more to come. Hundreds of nuggets 🙂

There’s no fixed schedule, but I do add new ones continuously.


Is there a way where I can see an overview over all nuggets?

No. (for now)

I know most of you would want this, but I honestly think it’s more fun if there’s NO classical archive page. You can slowly build your own over time with your favorites, but you never know if you have everything.  I really believe it’s more enjoyable and I’ll go with that for now, but if all of you complain, then I’ll rethink it.


More Questions?

I’ll add a comment section here soon, but for now, you can just leave your question in the form and I’ll get back to you 🙂