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In a small town in the middle of nowhere (well… in Colorado), there’s a small library.
One day, when the librarian came to work, there was an old dusty chest on the porch.
That chest was full of notes of an old German learner and teacher who had lived in that way back when.
A chest filled with hundreds of nuggets of wisdom for German learners of all levels.

You’re now visiting the library and you’re welcome to dig around. 





For real though – What is German Nuggets

German Nuggets is meant as a source of fun, easy to digest bits of wisdom about the German language and culture.

There are all kinds of nuggets:

  • grammar hacks
  • fascinating connections between German and English
  • colloquial terms
  • famous German expressions
  • must have words that usually fly under the radar
  • German memes
  • and more….

And the best thing is: you never know what you’ll get next :).
Digging is always a surprise.

How many nuggets are there

There are almost 100 nuggets available, but there are way more to come.

Who made this

I’m Emanuel, the guy who also created YourDailyGerman – one of the biggest sites for learning German.

Over there, the articles are detailed and in depth which is perfect if you really want to dig in and understand something.

But what’s missing are bite-sized, “snackable” bits that let you learn even if you only have 5 minutes. And because YourDailyGerman is already quite full and complex, I decided to create a separate project – German Nuggets.

Some of the nuggets are condensed wisdom from my articles and the comments from YourDailyGerman, others are things that felt “too short” for YDG. I hope you enjoy this site and I’ll do my best to make it one of your favorite resources.