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How Zukunft was made

Chances are that you already know that die Zukunft is the German word for the future.

What most people are not aware of, including Germans, is that it actually comes from very well known verb: kommen

Die -Kunft is an old noun form of kommen, and while it’s not used as a standalone word, there are plenty of versions with a prefix. Like die Ankunft for example, which comes straight from the word ankommen (to arrive) and means the arrival.
And Zukunft… well, you could literally think of it as “the to-come”

Now, the verb zukommen is not very common, but it carries the meaning of something coming toward you. And that’s exactly what the future does. You could think  🙂

  • Die Zukunft kommt auf mich zu.
  • The to-come comes toward me.

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