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What’s the longest row of consonants in a row that you can find in German?

The answer is 8.

  • Angstschweiß

When you’re a beginner and you run into a cluster like this, it can be really intimidating. But I’d bet most of you have noticed that this is actually a compound noun.

  • Angst+Schweiß (the sweat from fear)

And if your brain knows at least one of the parts, it’ll have a MUCH easier time parsing this. It’s almost as if the cluster doesn’t exist anymore.

There’s only one word that has 8 consonants, that ISN’T a a compound:

der Borschtsch

But that’s just the German spelling for the original Polish word barszcz, which is a really famous beetroot soup.

By the way, if you like consonant clusters (or soups) Eastern European languages have a lot to offer you.
I think the crown goes to Czeck, with this tongue twister:

“strč prst skrz krk” 

Which fittingly means “Stick your finger through your throat.”